2nd Year Parent Teacher Meeting

woman in teal t-shirt sitting beside woman in suit jacket
Our 2nd Year Parent Teacher Meeting will take place, in person (face to face), on Monday 23rd January 2023. The Parent Teacher Meeting will commence at 4.15pm and finish at 6.45pm. The meeting will be held in the school gym. Parents/Guardians must sign in on their way into the meeting, in the main reception area
This is our first face to face PTM in almost two years and we are really looking forward to meeting with as many of our 2nd year parents/guardians as possible. We do recommend that your child attends the meeting with you on the evening. The Parent Teacher Meeting is a great opportunity to discuss your child’s strengths and abilities as well as areas they may need to improve on.
In advance of the meeting, you should login to VSware to view your child’s timetable and make a list of the teachers you would like to meet with on Monday. While it is recommended that you see as many teachers as possible it may not be feasible to see everyone. 
We look forward to seeing you. 

The Senior Leadership Team