3rd Year Parent Teacher Meeting

Online Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM)

Monday 14th November 2022

URGENT: YOU NEED TO COMPLETE STEP 2 PRIOR TO Wednesday 9th November 2022 at 2pm(otherwise you will not get access to the PTM on Monday 14th November 2022)

** Advice from students and parents who attended - here.

Step 1 - Get your child's VSware ID

  • Log into your VSware Account (email creaghcollege@wwetb.ie if you have no access)
  • Select your child's name
  • In your child's profile, select 'Personal Info'
  • Select School
  • Scroll down to VSware ID

Instructions for computer

Instructions for phone

Step 2 - PTM Scheduler preferences before Wednesday 9th November 2022 at 2pm

  1. You will receive a text message from the school with a link to this page.
  2. Log in to the PTM Scheduler


(by Wednesday (9th November 2022 at 2pm) below using your Son/Daughters VSware ID (see step 1 above) & School Roll no 76127D (If you are having difficulty getting their VSware student ID, please email creaghcollege@wwetb.ie).

3. Please rank the teachers in the order of which you wish to see them i.e. 1 beside the teacher you feel it is most important to see. Click on the “I will attend the meeting. Please save my preferences” button. You can change your preferences anytime up until Wednesday 9th November 2022, at 2pm.

***Important - Please note: This must be done by Wednesday 9th November at 2pm. The school will use this information to schedule the meetings for the whole year group. Once the school has scheduled the meetings it will not be possible to join the PTM afterwards.

Step 3 - Preparing for the Meeting

(a)  Check your schedule – from Thursday 10th November at 5pm

  1. Log back into the PTM Scheduler

2.Check your schedule to see the times and names of the teachers you're meeting

(b) - Check your child's Team calendar for meetings - from Friday 11th November 2022 at 12pm

  1. You will need your son/daughter's Office 365 login details to log in to their Teams account
  2. Check their calendar for the meetings
  3. If you do not see the meeting email the relevant teacher
  4. If you would prefer to attend the meeting using your own email address - please email the teachers on your schedule and request to be added to the meeting using your own email address.

Step 4 -Attend Parent Teacher Meeting - Monday 14th November 2022 from 4.15 - 6.45pm

  1. You will need your son/daughter's Office 365 login details to access their Microsoft Teams calendar
  2. You can use their iPad or any other device to log into their account
  3. You will need to click join on the relevant meeting at the correct time to enter the lobby of the meeting
  4. Each meeting will last 5 minutes, giving you time to log out of one meeting and into the next.

** Please note that teachers will only have 5 minute slots with no break between them. For this reason it is very important that you are on time and the meeting finishes on time.  Thank you. **

How to join your child's Parent Teacher Meeting using Teams - on iPad - on desk top

Please read the following document before joining the meeting.  Thank you.