Transition Year in Creagh College is an optional year full of opportunities and unique learning experiences which offers students space to mature and develop through a broad range of learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom. It allow the student to grow into a more independent and autonomous learner ready to face the demands of Senior Cycle. Transition Year hasn’t a set syllabus and our Transition Year is unique to our school. This allows us to deliver a programme which encourages variety in teaching and learning, educates for maturity, promotes self-directed learning and allows for education through the experience of adult and working life.

Students maintain a solid academic base through continued emphasis on the core subjects while also offering the opportunity to develop their experience of education through exploring their creative, physical and problem solving skills. It is learning led rather than exam driven and learning also takes place outside the classroom in the form of field trips, charity work, workshops, school trips and work experience.

Students are encouraged and supported to uncover their individual talents skills and abilities. The curriculum is varied and is regularly reviewed by both teachers and students. This allows the curriculum to grow and change year on year to meet the growing needs of students entering senior cycle and adult life.

What our students have to say

Transition Year is the sole reason why I became an outgoing person and let me become friendly with everybody in my year and allowed me to become Justin Bieber.
For me TY has helped me in many ways and it was one of the best years I had. I got to meet new people as well as talk to people who I don’t usually talk to or never talked to before.

TY has also enabled me to expand my horizons such as learning new skills that I could use in the future as well as helped me discover what I want to as a  career

We developed a really good relationship with the teachers and were given loads of responsibility
I loved trying all the different modules that I'd never had an opportunity to do before
It definitely helped me mature
Work experience was great
I had more time to get involved in extra-curricular activities in school and in my free time
It helped me decide on the subjects I wanted to do for Leaving Cert and I was more prepared for the amount of work involved at Senior Cycle
I'm definitely more confident and have a wider circle of friends because of the social side of TY
I tried everything and because of that I got a lot out of TY. 






Green Cert



Mini Company


Global Development

Design & Communications Graphics

Public Speaking



The Creagh Bake Off

Writing & Communication

Road Safety

Forensic Science

Performing Arts




Embedded Systems

Young Scientist

International Cuisine



Politics & Society


Work Experience


Junk Kouture