Our canteen, run by Moira Murray of BetterEats has recently won the much coveted Irish Heart Foundation School Healthy Eating Award in recognition of the school’s innovative, healthy and wholesome daily menus.

"What kids eat matters, it has a direct impact on their ability to learn"

BetterEats has provided Creagh students with unprecedented access to delicious and nutritious food. Students enjoy a varied menu that includes fresh, high quality ingredients, tasty sugar free home bakes and daily snack tubs of juicy cut fruits. We also promote the health of the students by banning the sale of sugary drinks and vending machines.

Samples of our menu can be found here...

Creagh College Canteen Menu


Pasta King sauces change daily (e.g. Carbonara, Chilli Beef,Bolognese and Pomodoro)- €3.00

Wraps & Sandwiches

Small Ham and Cheese Panini – €1.50
Large Ham and Cheese Panini - €3.00
Crispy fresh rolls - €1.50
(selection of filling: chicken+mayo, chicken+stuffing or ham and cheese)
Cajun Chicken Panini – €3.00
Chicken and Stuffing sandwich - €2.50
Toasted Barbeque Chicken Wrap – €3.00

Snacks & Treats

Killowen Farm Yogurt – 80c
Home Made Scone with butter & jam - €1.50
Home Made Flapjack - €1.00
Selection of Chocolate bars available during lunch on Fridays only
Dairy milk etc. - €1.00 Bueno - €1.20
Propercorn/Manhattan Popcorn - €1.00
Home Made Soup and Brown Bread or fresh Rolls - €2.50


Bottled Water - €1.00
Flavoured milk - €1.00
Walsh’s Fresh Smoothies(250ml) - €2.00
Walsh’s Farm Fresh Juices(250ml) - €1.50

Meal Deals

Any large Panini/Pasta King with a bottle of water and a piece of fruit- €4.00
Also available on Fridays is our marinated Cajun Chicken fillet burger - €3.00