Career Information

Mock Interviews will take place next Thursday (16th May 2019) from 6-9pm.

It is extremely important that your son/daughter attend, as students benefit greatly from the Mock Interview as it provides them with an opportunity to prepare for future job and college interviews.

The following letter was sent home with students today. 



This Senior Cycle Subject Booklet is a very informative guide to choosing your senior cycle subjects.  Remember subject options must be submitted by Friday 29th March. 

This can be done in Vsware.  Details of your log in details were sent by text message.  A short guide to how to use the system can be found here.  

Alternatively if you wish to submit the form to the office, or apply for LCVP or LCAP, you can download the form here.  


Important dates to note:

  • Thursday  4thOct:                     Carlow IT speaker for all 6thyears (During Guidance/Wellbeing classes)
  • Thursday 11thOct:                     NUI Maynooth speaker for all 6thyears (Guidance and Wellbeing classes)
  • Oct 10thOct 26th:                     6th Year Career Guidance appointments
  • Tuesday 6thNov:                       CAO Online Application facility opens
  • Tuesday 20thNovember:        CAO and HEAR/DARE parents evening in Creagh
  • Saturday 19thJan:                     HEAR/DARE advice clinic, Wexford library, 10.30-2pm
  • Friday  1stFeb:                             CAO application deadline


  Completion of online HEAR/DARE forms

  • Monday, 1stApril:                      Deadline for HEAR/DARE documents to CAO, Galway
  • Sunday, 4thMay:                        Online Change of Mind facility becomes available
  • Monday, 1stJuly:                        Online Change of Mind facility closes
  • Tuesday, 20thAugust:              Round 1 CAO offers issued


College Open Days:

Students are advised to attend the open days for the colleges/ITs that are of interest to them.  It is imperative that students get “a feel” for the college and campus before committing to that college on their CAO form.

5thand 6thyears should be attending at least 3 open days and should check the college websites for timetables, talks etc… so they get the most out of the day.

Below is a list of some college open days that may be of interest to our students.

Please note that a full list of open days and events are available on the and individual college websites.  Please be aware that some colleges/universities hold their open days on Fridays and Saturdays.


10thNovember:                     Trinity College Open Day

15thNovember:                      IT Carlow (St. Patrick’s campus)

16th/ 17thNovember:            DCU Open Days

23rd/24thNovember:            NUI Maynooth Open Days

23rd/ 24thNovember:          Waterford Institute of Technology Open Days

28thNovember:                      National College of Art and Design Open Day

30th/ 31stNovember:            Dublin Institute of Technology Open Days

3rdJanuary:                            Royal College of Surgeons Open Day

18thJanuary:                          Bray Institute of Further Education Open Day

19thJanuary:                          Institute of Art, Design and Technology Open Day

29th March:                           5th Year Subject Choice due



The Central Applications Office is the application system for students who wish to study Level 8 and Level 7 courses in the various universities, colleges and Institute of Technologies in Ireland.

Students have been given their own CAO handbook by their Guidance Counsellor in their respective Careers classes. Students can register on cao.iefrom 6 November 2018 at a cost of 30 euro. This fee can be paid by credit/debit card or in a bank using a Bank Giro form.

NB.Any student who is applying for Restricted Courses (eg. Music, Drama, Medicine) must add these courses to their online application by February 1st, 2019.  (These courses are marked with an asterix in the CAO handbook.) All other courses do not need to be finalised until July 1st, 2019.



The Higher Education Access Route and the Disability Access Route are schemes that may allow eligble students to gain entry to third level courses on lower points. Both of these schemes offer students certain supports also whilst in college.

The HEAR scheme is based on economic need and DARE is based on specific disabilities.  All 6thYears have been given information on these two schemes in their Career Guidance classes and there is a parents’ information evening about HEAR/DARE on the 20thNovember in the school.

It is the responsibility of students and their parents to gather the relevant documentation for these schemes and send them to the CAO by the 1stApril, 2018.

For further information on these schemes, please see or speak with the Guidance Counsellor.


Careers Appointments

Students have been given their Career Guidance appointment slips, which are in their journals. The first round of Career Guidance appointments will commence on Wednesday, 10thOctober and finish on the 26th, October.

There is also an appointment timetable posted on the Guidance noticeboard on the second floor and on the doors of SF139 (Ms. Travers) and SF145 (Ms. Travers).

It is imperative that students do not miss their Guidance appointments and that they come prepared to their appointments (questions they need answering/ individual queries etc…) so that their time is used wisely.  There is an article about How to Talk to your Career Guidance Counsellor” posted on the Guidance noticeboard also which could be helpful to students in advance of their appointments.

Students need to have completed their Guidance interview forms before their appointments. Forms are to be given to their Guidance Counsellor.

It is the responsibility of the student to catch up on the work from the subject they miss for their Careers appointment.

Language Exemptions

If a student has an Irish language or a 3rdlanguage exemption currently and intends to apply to college, they may need to obtain a 3rdlevel exemption from the particular college(s) they are applying to.

Students need to inform their Guidance Counsellor of their exemption(s) so that we can assist them in getting their exemption recognised by the relevant college(s).

Applying to colleges in the UK or EU countries

Applications to universities in the UK or in Europe are made separately to the CAO. It is advisable for students who wish to make these applications to research about the courses, colleges and the respective areas and start making their applications as soon as possible. (Many of the colleges abroad close their application systems in January.)

Application system for the UK :  UCAS.COM 

Application system for EU countries: EUNICAS.COM 


Further information on applying to colleges abroad can be found on website.



Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) is the body responsible for administering grants for all third level and FETAC Level 5 courses. The application system opens in April and applications can be made on 

Applications are considered by SUSI on a “First come, first served” basis so early application is advised.


 Students and Senior Cycle

5thand 6thYear are important years in the lives of students. It is imperative that students look after themselves inside and outside of school. We strongly advise students and parents to consider the following:

Attendance: It is essential that students attend school every day to complete coursework and projects in their subjects. After Christmas, teachers of 6thYears will begin revising coursework and working from exam papers.

Part-time work: Working part-time whilst studying for their Leaving Cert is not advisable, as studies have shown that the combination of both has a seriously negative impact on Leaving Cert results. Juggling both can lead to stress and anxiety especially after the Mocks.

Study:  You cannot run from it! Students who want to do well in the Leaving Cert have to sit down and study. Success comes from hard work after all!

Senior Cycle students should be spending 3.5 hours on study and homework at least 6 times a week.

The following study tips can be helpful for students who are struggling to study and create a study timetable:

  • Study before homework
  • Study 2 subjects per night
  • Avoid studying two languages on the same evening
  • Study subjects that you find difficult earlier on in the week so you are not dreading studying them later on during the week!
  • On a Sunday night, fill in your study timetable for the week including subjects to study each night, essays to complete, tests, training, “chill-out time etc..
  • Study individual topics and then complete an exam question from your exam papers on that topic
  • Get rid of distractions! Switch off your phone and put it in a different room.
  • Take brief notes in class (bullet points; mind maps; index cards etc…)
  • Mind yourself!

-Take regular breaks between subjects (5-10 mins) for a cup of tea or some fresh air!

– Get some exercise!

– Make sure that you are getting at least 8-10 hours of proper sleep

– Avoid “screen-time” one hour before you go to bed


Useful websites

Individual college websites


Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you require further information or if you have concerns for your son or daughter.