2nd Year Parent Teacher Meeting

2nd Year Parent Teacher Meeting

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Our 2nd Year Parent Teacher Meeting will take place, in person (face to face), on Monday 23rd January 2023. The Parent Teacher Meeting will commence at 4.15pm and finish at 6.45pm. The meeting will be held in the school gym. Parents/Guardians must sign in on their way into the meeting, in the main reception area
This is our first face to face PTM in almost two years and we are really looking forward to meeting with as many of our 2nd year parents/guardians as possible. We do recommend that your child attends the meeting with you on the evening. The Parent Teacher Meeting is a great opportunity to discuss your child’s strengths and abilities as well as areas they may need to improve on.
In advance of the meeting, you should login to VSware to view your child’s timetable and make a list of the teachers you would like to meet with on Monday. While it is recommended that you see as many teachers as possible it may not be feasible to see everyone. 
We look forward to seeing you. 

The Senior Leadership Team 

Creagh College Christmas Market 2022

Come along to see a variety of creative and innovative products on display. All are welcome!

12pm. – 5:00 p.m – Friday December 9th

Creagh College Y25 V6Y9

Check out the products here! – TY Mini Company 2022

Browse through the wide range of products and services provided by our 2022 TY Mini-Company students. Our students have been working hard on developing their products/service so would massively appreciate if you could take the time to check out the products/services on sale below.

Class of 2021 – End of Year Awards

While current restrictions prevented the traditional graduation ceremony for 6th year students, at Creagh College we were determined that our 6th years were given the send-off they deserved, and students were surprised with an impromptu, but fitting, small scale celebration outside in the sunshine last week. 

Taking advantage of the glorious weather and the beautiful gardens, Year Head Mairéad McGuire quickly organised and conducted the event safely outdoors and within guidelines.  It recognised and awarded all the students’ accomplishments throughout their 5 or 6 years in the school 

It was lovely that at least some of the usual rites of passage were possible, and laughter erupted when Head Prefects James Keys and Raneem Abubaker Abdelaziz addressed their class mates with a funny yet moving speech, ending by telling them to remember where they came from and be proud, and quoting Winnie the Pooh – ‘How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so special.’    Musicians Donna Gardiner, Amelie Flavin and Olivia McCarthy, delivered poignant performances.    

Mr Glynn told his pupils that he was enormously impressed by their efforts to get on with things under such bizarre circumstances and that he is humbled to be associated with them.  He thanked them for their cooperation and help and acknowledged that it hasn’t been easy for anyone.  A moment was taken to remember those who had suffered profound loss due to the public health crisis.   

Awards for academic achievements in every subject were announced, as well Student and Spirit of the Year.  Student of the year, which is bestowed upon a student who has consistently excelled academically and displayed hard work and determination went to Amy Costello.  The Spirit of Creagh Award, was presented to Paraic Doyle, recognising all the leadership and inspiring qualities he possesses.  Jack Roche won the Excellence in LCA award for his amazing work over 2 years.  

Year Head Ms McGuire urged her ‘fantastic Class of 2021’ to never lose the kindness and warmth she’d come to know, and said she very much enjoyed her time as their year head.   Although she will miss them,  she reminded them that our door is always open, and she is now looking forward to hearing about the wonderful things ahead for everyone. 

The theme this year group chose, Per aspera ad Astra, translates as ‘through difficulties to the stars’, couldn’t be any more relevant than it is this year.   

Keep an eye on Creagh College Social Media Channels for photographs and videos.   

Computer Programming Success

Computer Programming Success

After being chosen as a pilot school for Computer Science, we are having huge success nationally with Computer Programming.  First year Coding student Balazs Gyurko scooped first prize in this year’s National Scratch Competition with his innovative project ‘Help Our planet’.  He programmed 3 interactive games, all based on topical issues – Recyling, Fitness and the Pandemic.

He managed to really impress the judging panel and overcame students from all age categories.   Balazs demonstrated his work to his classmates and says ‘I really enjoyed the challenge, and I chose these issues as they are interesting and relevant.  My aim is to raise awareness while having fun!’.    The games can be access at https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/487838873/

Further success came in the National Bebras Computational Thinking National Final where 6th year Computer Science student Gabor Major demonstrated his logical reasoning and problem-solving ability to come first overall.    He competed against more than 9,000 2nd and 3rd level students nationally and his high score was truly impressive.   We had an amazing 15 students qualify for the finals, which was the highest number from one school,  and all of them did extremely well.   Niamh Browne and Bill Mullany, both 2nd year, finished in the top 20% to receive a Merit award.

Principal Paul Glynn congratulated the students on their work said that he was ‘extremely proud of the students’ achievement in recent weeks and with the success of the Computer Science Programme, something the school is very focused on with its facilities and resources’.

HSE Stress Control Online – May Schedule

The HSE has decided to re-run their free online Stress Control programme. This programme was very well received first time around. The programme is for adults, but under 18 year olds are encouraged to participate with their parents.  It may be a useful programme for Leaving Certificate students and/or their parents to access for support at this time.  Indeed, you may be interested in it yourselves.

This free Stress Control on-line programme is running again in May, commencing on Monday 11th May. All details can be found on www.stresscontrol.org. We have included the schedule for the May programme below. Each session will be repeated 4 times over 2 days to increase availability

HSE, Health and Wellbeing are delighted to support the ongoing roll out of this programme. The first Stress Control on-line programme ended last week and was hugely successful, attracting a large Irish audience. An average audience of 6,500 tuned in to each session, with 62% of the audience being from Ireland. All ages from 18 – 65+ were represented and an online survey found that 97% 'strongly agreed' or 'agreed' that 'Stress Control provided information and skills to help you manage your stress'


Session Date 1st Showing Repeated
1: What is stress? Mon, 11th May

Tuesday 12th May

2 – 3.30pm 8.30 – 10pm
2: Controlling your body Thurs, 14th May

Friday 15th May

2 – 3.30pm 8.30 – 10pm
3: Controlling your thoughts Mon 18th May

Tuesday 19th May

2 – 3.30pm 8.30 – 10pm
4: Controlling your actions Thurs, 21st May

Friday 22nd May

2 – 3.30pm 8.30 – 10pm
5: Controlling panicky feelings; Getting good night’s sleep Mon, 25th May

Tuesday 26th May

2 – 3.30pm


8.30 – 10pm
6: Boosting your wellbeing; Tying it all together; Controlling your future Thurs, 28th May

Friday 29th May

2 – 3.30pm 8.30 – 10pm



Young Reporters for the Environment

Creagh College would like to wish the very best of luck to 3 members of our Green schools team: Libby McColgan, 5th year, Kim Willoughby, 2nd year & Adam Du Plessis, 3rd year, who are representing our school in the 'Young Reporters for the Environment' competition. The competition is run by An Taisce & students are encouraged to investigate an environmental issue in their school or local community. The students have investigated why so many students use single-use plastic bottles in our school & how they could encourage all students & staff to bring reusable water bottles from September 2020. Unfortunately the students didn't get to display their findings due to the school closure.

Creagh College donates PPE to Frontline Healthcare Workers

Earlier this week Mrs Masterson and Mr O’Toole gathered up all of the PPE from the practical rooms and Science Labs to donate to frontline healthcare workers. Safety glasses, goggles, face shields, gloves and masks have all been boxed up and will be donated to Gorey District Hospital for use in these most unique and trying times to help in the fight against Covid-19. We hope all in our community are staying safe and healthy.

Keeping Children and Young People well during Covid-19

We have launched our new Wellbeing web page on our school website. You can find information on student wellbeing, pastoral care and staying well during Covid- 19. We will be updating this web page regularly as we think that it is vital that our students informed, positive and calm during this period.

Click the here to visit the webpage