Computer Programming Success

Computer Programming Success

After being chosen as a pilot school for Computer Science, we are having huge success nationally with Computer Programming.  First year Coding student Balazs Gyurko scooped first prize in this year’s National Scratch Competition with his innovative project ‘Help Our planet’.  He programmed 3 interactive games, all based on topical issues – Recyling, Fitness and the Pandemic.

He managed to really impress the judging panel and overcame students from all age categories.   Balazs demonstrated his work to his classmates and says ‘I really enjoyed the challenge, and I chose these issues as they are interesting and relevant.  My aim is to raise awareness while having fun!’.    The games can be access at

Further success came in the National Bebras Computational Thinking National Final where 6th year Computer Science student Gabor Major demonstrated his logical reasoning and problem-solving ability to come first overall.    He competed against more than 9,000 2nd and 3rd level students nationally and his high score was truly impressive.   We had an amazing 15 students qualify for the finals, which was the highest number from one school,  and all of them did extremely well.   Niamh Browne and Bill Mullany, both 2nd year, finished in the top 20% to receive a Merit award.

Principal Paul Glynn congratulated the students on their work said that he was ‘extremely proud of the students’ achievement in recent weeks and with the success of the Computer Science Programme, something the school is very focused on with its facilities and resources’.

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