Feedback – PTM

Comments from parents

· Felt the whole experience went well. Saved lots of time not having to rush home from work or having to queue or wandering around school building looking for teachers. Definitely the most efficient way of doing PTM’s if parents have real concerns they could organise face to face meeting with the teacher.

· Very appreciative of the time given up by staff and the opportunity to meet face to face in the current level 5 lock down. Maith sibh 👍

· Very happy less stress trying to get to school orientate to school locations of teachers etc

· Much preferred. Saved time and was more personal and private, easier to hear what is being said.

· Overall good and would consider doing it this way again. Disappointed I didn’t get to speak with everyone on my list but I will email the teachers I need to.

· Great experience. Plenty of time to speak with teachers. Not having to queue for ages in the school and being able to talk in the privacy of your own home was just super! Definitely the way forward!

· I felt it was very well organised. By giving the 5 minute slots I think it done away with parents spending too much time with teachers as you know you need to log into your next meeting too. No queuing up for teachers and still didn’t feel rushed with any teacher. All teachers had info for my daughter ready as they know which parent is coming next on their schedule. Overall, I think it worked better as I got to speak to all teachers from the comfort of my own home.

· Would have liked more time with teachers on core subjects but overall myself and husband thought it worked well

· Overall was excellent