First Year Information

The transition from primary to secondary school is and exciting time for you.  It is a hugely important first step forward towards a bright and successful future.  Whilst you have been preparing for this through out 6th class and feel ready, we are sure you have lots of questions.  Normally staff and students are happy to answer these for you on our Open Night.  Unfortunately, we are unable to hold it safely this year, so we hope we can answer all your questions here.  If you have further questions, visit our social media pages or use the live chat button here.





What class and subjects will I be in?

Generally, students are allocated to classes in mixed ability for the duration of Junior Cycle.  This results in students mixing with peers with a range of abilities, talents and strengths.  This arrangement is for all subjects in 1st year, and for all but the exception of English, Irish and Maths for 2nd and 3rd year, where you may be divided according to your ability in these subjects.

(Please note that whilst this was the format for this year, this is subject to change)

All first years student the following core subjects

And Pick 3 from the following list

Students chose one short course to study for the 3 years - Each course is 80 minutes per week

Students also chose one well being activity from the following list - This is an 80 minute session every week in 1st year doing something they love outside of the formal curriculum

  • Art Club
  • Baking
  • Basketball
  • Drama
  • GAA
  • Science Club

After 1st year, students drop two of their optional subjects (or Geography and their language).

What will my day be like?

In Primary school, you have one teacher and one classroom.  In secondary, you will have a different teacher for each subject, and you may be in a different classroom. This can make your day more interesting and varied.  No day will be the same.  You will be given a Creagh College journal during induction to help you become organised and establish a daily routine.  You will have a timetable and will soon get used to being prepared for each day.  The school building is huge when you come in first.  But after a few weeks, you'll know your way around and it will seem much smaller.  The floors and rooms are all numbered and you will have a map in your journal to help you.

Your day will be a little longer than primary school.  We begin each morning at 8.45 am and finish at 4pm on a Monday, and 3.20pm on the other days.  You will have two breaks during the day - one is 20 minutes long and one is 40 minutes long.  During those breaks you are free to use our lovely grounds to get some exercise, or sit indoors in our canteen.  The canteen serves delicious healthy food which you can buy, or you can bring your own.

Homework is given by each teacher and again, your journal will help you keep track of it.  Teachers will understand that you're getting used to a new routine and are there to help you.