Parent Teacher Meetings

We look forward to welcoming you all to our Parent Teacher Meetings in Creagh College this year. Students are welcome to attend the Parent Teacher Meeting with you. As per Department of Education guidelines, we have moved all of our Parent Teacher Meetings to in-person.

Save the date! Please take note of the times below as they vary between meetings.

  • 6th year (including LCAII): Thursday 19th October 2023; 3.15-5.45pm
  • 3rd year; Wednesday 8th November 2023: 4.15-6.45pm
  • 5th year (including LCAI): Tuesday 5th December 2023; 4.15-6.45pm 
  • 2nd year: Thursday 18th January 2024; 3.15pm-5.45pm
  • 1st year: Wednesday 28th February 2024; 4.15-6.45pm

The Parent Teacher Meeting is an important time to meet with your child’s teachers in a one to one setting. Furthermore, it lets your child know that you care about their progress and their school.  It is a chance to see how your child is getting on in school, where their strengths and weaknesses lie. It is also a chance for your teacher to learn more about your child in order that you can work together for your child’s success.

A few pointers;

In advance of the PTM, speak with your child. Ask them is there anything that they would like you to raise with their teacher/s. Check previous term reports and ongoing class assessments on VSware. Make note of your child’s subjects and their teacher’s names. Make note of any questions you may have.

At the Parent Teacher Meeting:

Prioritise which teacher you need to speak to. Some teachers may have up to three classes in a particular year group, so unless you really need to speak to that teacher, you may not need to queue up for them.

A suggested time allocation for each parent/teacher meeting is 5 minutes per meeting. If you think you have a concern that requires more time than this to discuss, please contact the teacher in advance and an alternative time to speak can be arranged. This ensures that as many parents as possible get to meet as many teachers as possible. Take brief notes so that you can follow up with your child after the meeting. You may also need to meet with your child’s tutor or Year Head but please bear in mind that these teachers may be subject teachers to students in that year group also.

We look forward to seeing you all on those dates.