Welcome to our remote learning support page.  Over the coming days, we will provide resources here to support both students and parents for the duration of the remote learning.

Whilst remote/distant learning is a challenge for all, we are confident that with the excellent facilities and supports already in place, we can provide the best possible learning during this time until it is safe to return to the classroom.  Please feel free to get in contact with us if you are experiencing difficulty.

Email: Janetwallace@wwetb.ie or Declanotoole@wwetb.ie


It is essential that students fully utilise their time during this emergency school closure.

  • Students should follow their normal school timetable as closely as possible during this closure. Classes will be scheduled in their class Team.  Students should study/do work sent to them by their teachers/ access online tutorials etc. as per their usual school timetable.
  • All students are equipped with a Microsoft 365 account giving them access to a suite of cloud based software such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Teams. This also gives them their own personal Creagh College email address.

Our use of iPads and our embedded use of modern technologies in the classroom make Creagh College well-placed to minimise the disruption this enforced closure may have on our students’ educational progress. Where possible our teachers will provide work for and interact with their students remotely (via Microsoft Teams, email). Students are advised that where possible they should access work and supports online and continue to study during this school closure. Our teachers’ email addresses are available on our website.

Additional Resources/Guides

How can our students access online based resources?

Microsoft Teams

What is Microsoft Teams?

"Microsoft Teams is a digital hub that brings conversations, content, assignments, and apps together in one place, letting teachers create vibrant learning environments. Build collaborative classrooms, connect in professional learning communities, and connect with colleagues – all from a single experience."

For example, teachers at Creagh College will be able to post class resources such as class notes, sample answers, worksheets and marking scheme etc. insofar as is possible.

Students can access teams from any PC or laptop using a web browser if they are having any issues with the Microsoft Teams application on their school iPads.


*Internet Access - Important to note*

We understand that not every household has access to consistent reliable and unlimited internet access. However, please note that in order to utilise Microsoft Teams constant internet access is not mandatory. Files and resources can be accessed and downloaded when internet access is available and can be saved by the student for offline access.  If you have any issues or difficulties, please email your class teacher or tutor.  Remember, we are there to support you.