School of Sanctuary

Please have a flick through our School of Sanctuary portfolio. We hope you get a sense of the culture we have created in our school and the journey we have been on as you read through our booklet. Also, read all about our journey in The Irish Times  and in The Gorey Guardian. If you wish to find out more information on becoming a School of Sanctuary, please visit their website.

Message from our Principal

Creagh College is committed to inclusion and providing a learning environment for all of our students. This is a place where young people study, learn and socialise with peers whose families are from all across the world: from all continents (except Antarctica!) and from nearly fifty different countries.


While many speak of ‘diversity’ as a ‘challenge’, we have always seen diversity as one of our greatest strengths. Diversity is not just about nationality; all faith groups are welcome in our school, we are co-educational and multidemoninational.


Our values naturally coincide with those of the School of Sanctuary and it is a source of great pride for us that many of our students, including many who have arrived in our community in need and of and seeking sanctuary have overcome enormous obstacles to achieve success in life, whether that be academic, personal sporting or artistic.


It is a time of great turmoil in the world; war, famine, poverty, economic and political oppression has brought many new families to our community in search of sanctuary. We will continue to welcome those in need of our help and support. We know that while we can be proud of our work in supporting and welcoming all those in need of sanctuary, they themselves bring far more to our school: they add to the diversity of our community, their life experiences, aspirations, resilience and strength adds to and enhances ours and together we can overcome the obstacles and do our small part in making this world a better place for everyone.

Paul Glynn