TY Mini Company 2020

Welcome to our TY Mini-company e-marketplace. Browse through the wide range of products and services provided by our 2020 TY Mini-Company students. This year has presented many challenges for our students who have had to adapt their products and services and move the selling process online. We would massively appreciate if you could take the time to check out the products/services on sale below. 



Christmas Crafty Cones

Christmas Crafty Cones are a TY mini company that sell eco-friendly Christmas ornaments.

Company members – Mia Finn and Lockie O’Reilly Finlay.

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CAPS are a small business that are selling scented hand sanitisers.

Company Members – Celia Vicario Alcobendas, Andrea Selimovic, Samantha Hendry and Paris Bardhoku.

Caps Instagram

Husgins Mask Holders

Husgins Mask Holders are selling small washable, reusable, handmade bags to hold your face masks and to keep them safe, clean and easy to find!

Team members: Rebecca Bergin and Anisah Donnelly Hussain.

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DIVRZN – “We are young entrepreneurs who created a brand and are chasing our dreams by making clothing we believe everyone will like”

Team members: Fabio Costa Feitinha, Jude Tyndall Stafford and Jake Devlin.

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Moonlit Rose Soaps

Moonlit Rose Soaps – Handmade soaps

Company members- Grace Kavanagh


Medd and Co

We are a TY Mini Company.
We are a 3D-printing company who make 3-D printed DIY Christmas decorations.
We are set up in Gorey, Wexford.


12 Jars of Christmas

We are a TY Mini Company who make tea light jars and Christmas sweet jars. everything is reusable and recyclable.

Team members: Lee Connors and Eoin Hudson.


Creagh Christmas Candles

Handmade Christmas Logs by Harry Murphy and Christopher Stedmond.


Kelly Bros Guitar Tutorials

We are making easy tutorials for people who want to learn Green Day songs or are just starting to play guitar.

Team members: Ryan Kelly and Dion Kelly.


Glass Album Frames

We are a TY mini-company selling handmade decorative glass album frames.

Company members: Áine Cunningham, Ché Arenhold and Luke Leavy.


Branchy Carving

I create natural wooden carvings in all different shapes and sizes. I use an electric carving tool to make them. All materials used are recycled.

Company members: Ryan Jelassi


SM Badges

SM Badges is a TY mini company that makes custom badges. Enquire below on Instagram!

Company members: Sam McCarthy


Paint The Town Red

We are selling hydro dipped products in the realms of phone cases, skateboards and candles.

Company members: Oscar Cheung, Adam Boland and Dylan Kinane.


C & C Keychains

We are selling customable handmade keychains. No job too small.

Team members: Clodagh Lawless and Courtney Shelly.


Phat Logs

We are selling an assortment of decorative Christmas logs which are sourced locally from forests.

Team members: Jakub Kazpirowicz, Ronin Kenna and David Connolly.



Custom Printed T-shirts. Get your own personalised T-shirt design or one of the designs by me.

Team members: Peter Emmanuel Montemayor.


KJ Candles

We are selling assorted scented candles and wooden candle holders.

Team members: Karim Boukhima and Szymon Jasinski.


R & K Engineering

We create bespoke products out of recycled horseshoes. All designs considered.

Team members: Robbie Kilduff and TJ Redmond.




Selling homemade scented soaps.

Team members: Cliona McCarthy and Niamh Fitzpatrick


Im-Peck-Able Bird Feeders

Selling hand made birdfeeders made from locally sourced, eco-friendly wood

Team members: Daniel Proctor and Benjamin Howard.


KAS Tables

Convenient mini desks for beds or couches with foldable legs for easy storage. Table with white top €20. Other colors €25.

Team members: Kristian Kesar, Brady Archer, Shannon Loughor- Clarke