TY Mini Company 2021

Welcome to our TY Mini-company e-marketplace. Browse through the wide range of products and services provided by our 2021 TY Mini-Company students. This year has presented many challenges for our students who have had to adapt their products and services and move the selling process online. We would massively appreciate if you could take the time to check out the products/services on sale below. 




We create gift sets including necklaces, candles, crystals and more tailored to the 12 zodiac signs in 100% eco friendly packaging.

Company members – Erinn Clare and Shauna D’Arcy

Website Insta: @zoda.line



A. H. Wooden Crafts

High quality wooden signs for hanging art and odd socks. Creative wooden gift ideas. We also specialize in products that are seasonal like wooden Santa sleighs.
Company members: Andrew Hennessy



AV Bookmarks

I started this business because I like to read and draw so I decided to do my own bookmarks!

Company members: Vivien Ando


Theatre Treats

Theatre Treats

We sell food and drinks based on films and shows.
Company members: Jack Duffin, James Gallagher, Hamish Murray and Luke Lynam.


D/G Sliotars

D/G Sliotars – Sliotars

Company members- Darragh Goff



SN Sweets

We are selling American style sweets in retro packaging.

Company members: Nathan Clarke and Sean Connor.


Kamathar Industries

An interchangeable plaque with a base made from quality timber that can be customized to the customers needs

Company members: Joseph Kennedy, Lennon Smith, Evan Whelan Smith, Aaron Maher



G String Bracelets

We sell bracelets made out of used Guitar strings and add decoration onto it.



Moncapla is a company that makes t-shirts with our logo at the front an at the back.

You can choose the color of the t-shirt.
Team members:Jaime Estebaranz Rosillo



Purple Puppy Treats

100% Irish Based Dog Treat Company
Creating Great Tasting Treats Since 2021

Team Members: Daniel Owens, Adam Kielty, and Josh Walters.



Hang it in a Frame

Hang it in a frame is frame to hang your jewelry in instead of losing them all the time. In the frame you can get flowers a little mirror some gems to decorate you frame and then in the other bag there is 8 thumb tacks and a clip.

Company Members: Ciara Hallam



Kin & Co Flowers 

Kin & Co Flowers

We are a TY mini company selling handmade home decor to go on your desk/wall etc.

Company members: Lynne Kinsella and Taylor Connolly.

Trinkets and Treasures

Trinkets and Treasures
Info on product: 40mm metal soldiers, fairies and Christmas decorations made from star metal ingot bars which can be bought in the form of necklaces and fridge magnets.
Team members: Sophie McDwyer


Flora Planters is a Mini Company selling good quality wooden planter boxes, made from recycled wood.

Product: It’s a long-lasting inexpensive planter box with a strong, durable plastic inside & also a beautiful wooden layered outside.


Facebook – Flora Planters

Instagram: @floraplantersTwitter: @FloraPlantersGmail: FloraPlanters@gmail.com



This is our mini company idea that myself, Ciara Byrne Kavanagh and Wiktor Rozworski made.

Home made granola that the recipe will be changed for holidays, such as Christmas. Our granola is made with fresh ingredients for every batch we make, the granola has a long shelf life. The product is sweet and very good in flavor and can be enjoyed by everyone.