Visit from L’Ambassadeur de France H.E. M. Stéphane Crouzat

Creagh College was honoured to fly the French Flag yesterday to welcome H.E. M Stéphane Crouzat, L’Ambassadeur de France en Irlande.  He was greeted by students Alain Gordet and Amelie Flavin, to Kiah Savage playing The French National Anthem on piano.  

His first stop was our new Politics & Society class where he spoke about the importance of relations between Ireland and France, historically and present day.   There was a question and answer session followed by an informal chat over lunch with music by Ayman Allain.  After lunch he addressed all senior students who study French in his native language and he was was extremely impressed by their interest in the language and his life as a Diplomat.  He spoke of the importance of languages in all aspects of life and encouraged those who hope to further their study to avail of the opportunity to join 700 Irish students in France on Erasmus programmes.  

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